A little cup of coffee

Last week I posted on Facebook a mindful meditation encouraging people to consider every aspect and feeling of a hot drink. Today, while I was making myself a cup of coffee, I started to think about the number of people involved in helping me make that hot coffee – from the people on the plantation who plant, care for and pick the coffee to those distributing and transporting the sacks to their buyers. Then, of course, we have the people involved in the packaging, from design to filling and again transporting and distributing to our shops.  There is a vast number of different people involved in the supply chain.

At home, to make the coffee, we need water from our taps and the electricity to heat it. All this we just expect to be there with very little thought to those that have made it all possible.

I then looked for something in nature to compare with this process and what struck me was how much alike we are to the wood ant.  Its colony is a community of individuals all reliant on each other to make it a success, all with their place in the chain – the workers, the soldiers, the queen.  The word that came to mind was interdependent.  So, the next time you are feeling lonely, go make yourself a cup of coffee and give some thought to all those in the production and supply chain, for no one is truly alone and you then start to realise just how much we have to be grateful for.