A perfect day at Ham Wall

On a lovely day one of my favourite places to wander is the RSPB reserve at Ham Wall. I love the sounds of the different duck and song birds, the view over the sun kissed lakes to the Tor, the smells of the stagnant green pools and the peat pathways. There is a feeling of pure peace as the cold wind blows against your face and ruffles through your hair; it creates a wonderful chatter through the trees and reeds as it fills them with its energy.

There’s one place in particular I like to go where I can sit and watch the clouds go by, very often seeing in them animal and bird shapes and, if I’m lucky, a dragon. Yesterday’s highlight was a water rail just going about it business, chattering to itself. A couple of mute swans flew overhead – who cannot enjoy the sound of their wings beating as they pass? I spied a wonderful queen bumblebee looking for somewhere to nest and admired the beautiful spring banks of snowdrops. For me it was a perfect day xx

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