The energy of food here does not refer to modern day measurements of energy such as calorific value or the specifics of the vitamins or minerals in our food. Instead, the focus is on the unquantifiable energy components of our food – how it grows, how it is digested, even how it makes us feel when we eat it. This course offers an understanding of how food can contribute to the ‘dis-ease’ within our bodies and how changing our diet could help in the healing processes.



Sessions will draw on Carole’s training in and personal experiences of:

  • nutrition ( the science of food)
  • macrobiotics (a diet of organic whole foods based on the Buddhist principles of balancing Yin and Yang)
  • health issues and their corresponding pharmaceutical remedies

Included will be the setting of individual goals for a healthy eating lifestyle plan that not only works for you but also fits into your family life and within your budget.

It should be noted that while levels of perseverance and commitment are required, you will be introduced to techniques that can help you achieve your goals.

In addition, support will be available whenever you need it.


Please note that Carole is not medically qualified and does not claim to diagnose or treat any medical condition, illness or injury. The service complements and does not seek to replace general medicine. Therapy techniques may be useful in managing certain conditions and gaining a better quality of life whilst suffering from those conditions. Always consult a medical doctor regarding illness, injury or condition before any new diet or exercise programmes.